Sunday, August 7, 2011

Continuing my Story

Well, as I told you before, that Dream High Inspires me. After I watched Dream High, I felt like I wanted to reach all of my dream. And from that time, I started to look and search about every Korean songs and things. The first thing that I visit after I watched Dream High was downloading all of Dream High songs and Dream High Concert. I became a fan of Dream High's song especially the one that Suzy Miss A and Eun Jung T'ara sing during Kirin Art High School Audition, "Goose's Dream" from the drama "Bethooven Virus"
I was really in love with that song until I sing it everyday, every time, and everywhere. Ask my friends if you don't believe me:p
Than I started to search about IU's God Day and Miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl songs (at that time "Goodbye Baby" hasn't released yet)


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