Sunday, August 7, 2011

Short Introduction about my KPOP Biased:p

A little short introduction and story about my KPOP Biased..
Everybody thought that everything that we like, we will love it from the first sight. But, I hate Korea before. I was a Taiwanese drama lover. I hate Korea because of the annoying language. I ever tried to buy and watch a Korean drama before. I didn't finish the film because the film was so boring, the language was so annoying and I didn't like one of the actress because of her "lebai" acting(lebai is an Indonesian word which means too much or annoying bad. I can't explain it in english).

Time by time, everybody are talking about one Korean drama, "Dream High". I was very curious why everybody were talking about that. Than I bought that drama, and I watched it. and OhmyGod!!! I fall in love with Korea. This drama tells about 6 students who worked hard to achieve their dream. I was very inspired from their "Kirin Art High School". I wish it really happen and there is Art High School in Indonesia.
For all of you that wanted to ask what is Dream High, how great is it? Just buy and watch it. You will love it and you will never regret of watching it.
And I will talk about this drama on the next post:p


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