Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting Started:D

First of all, I will post about Korean Music updates for this year ICT project. I chose Korean Music or Kpop because I like their music and their dance also. I love their music quality.
There are so many boybands and girlbands in Korea(there are solo singers also). But I prefer girlband most because I am a girl so I can sing girlband songs singing range. For boybands, maybe I just talk about their faces:p For example if they are handsome:p But sometimes I like their music also if their music are good.

The examples of boybands are Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM, SHINee, Big Bang, Beast, and many others. There are so many girlbands also such as 2NE1, 4minute, A Pink, After School, f(x), Girls Day, Girl's Generation which the most famous and we usually call them SNSD, KARA, T'ara, Miss A, Rainbow, Secret, SISTAR, and others. From all of girlbands, I like Miss A most because of their cool dance and their voice that come from heaven. I like Miss A's lastest album, Goodbye Baby. You will love "Goodbye Baby" when you first hear it. There are so many soloist singers also. But I like and love IU(Lee Ji Eun) most. Her 3 octave voice from the song "Good Day", made my adrenaline pumps and made my heart beats so fast. You will feel that also if you hear the song.

That's all. and I am actually making the "Getting Started" part to let you know about the names of boybands and girlbands in Korea before I discuss it:p
Just read my blog, and enjoy it:p


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